Happy New Year!

We have almost made it through another challenging year!

It’s that time to start thinking about next year and what we hope to achieve.  Those twelve months always go so quickly!


In addition to the usual goals (weight loss, et al.), do you also have genealogy resolutions? Should we even have resolutions? Personally, I find them helpful. We can take stock of what we need to do and what we want to do. We just need to be realistic in making them. And compassionate if things don’t go as planned–especially right now!

For my genealogy resolutions, I broke them into two groups:  personal and professional. 

On the personal side:

  1. Finish the Salem Witch Project! Either way, it will be good know so I can keep researching properly. Though I really hope Samuel is my ancestor!
  2. Continue to clean up and organize my research.  This is like cleaning and organizing my office space…
  3. Keep chipping away at the Keel brick wall. Can I find the next generation?

Professionally, I want to keep expanding my horizons:

  1. Engage and grow the Genealogy Crossroads audience. If you have any suggestions or request for topics, please leave them in the comments!
  2. Continue to build my genealogy business.
  3. Get as much as possible out of RootsTech in March — still free and still online! Be sure to register!

While not a resolution, I’m also very excited about the new season of Finding Your Roots! It begins this Tuesday, January 4th on PBS. Check out the preview:

What are your genealogical new year’s resolutions?  Brick wall busting?  Writing your family history?  Just getting started? Let me know!

Be safe out there and Have a Very Happy New Year!!

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